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Latest classical and rapid chess games, with in-depth computer analysis.
The most popular openings: A45, A07, A05, B06, A15, B90, D02, B12, A46, B40
Players: Caruana, Fabiano; Kramnik, Vladimir; Aronian, Levon etc.

Issue #10, October
(Last updated 2016-11-01, 4005 games, ELO average: 2281)

Download games (pgn) without a computer analysis.

Included tournaments and competitions

V Sigulda District Open Rapid Chess Championship
Oslo Chess Festival 2016
10th Tal Memorial
Millionaire Chess 2016
Millionaire Monday
Russian Rapid Championship 2016
Russian Team Rapid Championship 2016
Russian Team Rapid Championship 2016 (w) Isle of Man International 2016
XIII Open Amateur de Calvia
Amir Temur Memorial
Hou Yifan vs Nigel Short Match
Sokolov vs Van Foreest Match
Hoogeveen Open
SPICE Cup Open
Haarlemse Meesters 2016
Superfinal Russian Championship 2016
Superfinal Russian Championship 2016 (w)
XXI Magistral Internacional Ciutat de Barcelona 2016
Corsican Circuit 2016
Chigorin Memorial 2016
Nordic Chess Championships 2016
Corsica Masters Rapid
Karpov Trophy Rapid
e2e4 Gatwick International GM Norm

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Welcome the chess game lovers!

Chess game enthusiasts Artis Auziņš and Ģirts Tenis made this portal for chess game players to give possibility to improve playing skills. For us, as chess players were too less information about current, actual chess games, which would be analyzed and which could give opportunity to understand leaders, your potential opponent or your own mistakes. It could give also opportunity to look into new chess openings and also in time consuming in a concrete situation.

In our date base searching – if you will write down the chess player you are interested in or chess opening classifier, you will get information about the most popular classic and fast chess games in the last month with deep computer analyze and also about games, which has technical possibility see all consuming time for each move. This is the way how to better understand the course of the chess game.

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